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ABOUT ME - Annie Keeling

My work as a celebrant began about 15 years ago with simple ceremonies created for myself and friends. I didn't think of it as a 'role' at that time, it was simply something I enjoyed doing. It had grown out of being a participant and co-creator of many kinds of wonderful ceremonies over the years along with my own interest, research and understanding of the value of rites of passage. Over time, more and more people asked me to help them create ceremonies to mark important events in their lives. About 8 years ago I came to realise that of all the work I had ever done in my life and all I had achieved - creating and conducting ceremonies gave me the most delight, the most satisfaction and the most meaning in my life. From that point on I committed myself wholeheartedly to celebrancy work.

I love the work I do. It feeds my soul in a way that nothing else has ever done. To this day my abiding passion remains ceremonial and rites of passage work and the opportunity to inspire others to connect and express their deepest selves.

I live in Derbyshire and the major part of my celebrancy work takes place in the East Midlands. However I conduct ceremonies throughout the UK and abroad.

In addition to my work as a celebrant, I have many years of people-centred work in both the public and not-for-profit sector. I have taught English and Drama in colleges of further education, been an adviser/trainer for a national charity, a self-employed aromatherapist and a communications consultant. I have co-written 3 published books of fiction. For the past 17 years I have facilitated workshops in personal development including 'Circle of Life' teachings which combine ancient knowledge with a modern perspective.

Alongside my celebrancy work, I offer earth-centred, seasonal celebrations and since 2013 have co-facilitated an ongoing celebrancy training course, 'Creating Ceremonies', with my good friend, Glennie Kindred. www.glenniekindred.co.uk

My clients invest a huge amount of trust in me and I never take that for granted. Those who know me and with whom I have worked, describe me as warm, compassionate, genuine and sensitive to their needs and wishes. I am creative and encouraging, non-judgmental and impartial. You can expect from me high standards of confidentiality, integrity and personal responsibility. I also hold appropriate insurance for the work I do.

Contact Annie Keeling:
01773 823910

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